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How to Say Goodbye in 100 Different Languages

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When it comes to travel, knowing how to say goodbye in the local language can make all the difference. It can show that you’ve made an effort to learn at least some of the language and culture, and it can help you avoid any awkwardness or misunderstandings as you depart.

But trying to memorize a long list of goodbyes in different languages can be daunting, so we’ve compiled a handy guide on how to say goodbye in 100 different languages, from Albanian to Zulu.

I’ve included pronunciation – cause there’s nothing worse than trying to say goodbye in different languages and finding out you’re just saying gibberish!

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Road sign that says goodbye in the German language with a car driving past it into the green countryside.

Goodbye in Different Languages

1. English = Goodbye, Bye, Farewell, Ta, Cheers, See You Later

Where to Say It: The second most spoken language in the world, it’s an international language for solo travellers to use and be understood. It’s the official language of Canada, the UK, the United States, Australia, New Zealand.

2. French = Au Revoir

Where to Say It: Most popular in France, French is also widely spoken in other countries around the world. You’ll be understood in Quebec and most of Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, and Alergia. Additionally, French is spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Guinea, Gabon, and Mauritius. You’ll want to pick up a phrasebook to help with the complex grammar.

How to Pronounce it: oh-VWAHR

3. Spanish = Adios

Where to Say It: Spanish is the native language of Spain and Mexico. In most of South America and Central America, Spanish is the primary language. It is also the second most common language in the United States.

How to Pronounce it: ah-THYOHS

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4. Italian = Arrivederci / Ciao

Where to Say It: Say ciao on your way out of a cafe with your espresso in Italy.

How to Pronounce it: ah-ree-veh-DEHR-chee / CHOW

Learn the top 1000 common Italian phrases with this book to help you get to know locals – and maybe find love in Italy!

5. Portuguese = Adeus

Where to Say It: Portuguese is the language of Portugal and Brazil. It is still spoken in former colonies, like Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome, and Macau. You’ll also find linguistic roots in the Philippines.

How to Pronounce it: ah-deh-ooSH

6. Maori = Kia koa

Where to Say It: Kia Ora is the traditional greeting and goodbye of the indigenous peoples of New Zealand.

How to Pronounce it: kee-yah koh-wah

Maori pronunciations are really complicated. Avoid being laughed at for confusing your “f”s with “wh”s. This book helped me a lot.

7. Australian= Ta

Where to Say It: This informal greeting is used in Australia and New Zealand to say goodbye.

How to Pronounce it: t-ah

8. Greek = Yasou

Where to Say It: One of the many ways to say hello in the Greek language is geia. It can be used to greet people in Greece and Cyprus.

How to Pronounce it: YAH-soo

9. Serbian = Zdravo

Where to Say It: This Slavic language is spoken in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Croatia. It is similar to many other Slavic languages.

How to Pronounce it: z-drah-voh

10. Croatian = Doviđenja

Where to Say It: Croatian is best used in Croatia, but is also spoken in some parts of Bosnia and Serbia.

How to Pronounce it: doh-vee-JEN-ya

11. Russian = Do svidaniya

Where to Say It: Russian is the most common language in Eastern Europe. Say privet in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other Eastern European countries.

How to Pronounce it: do-sve-DAN-ya

12. Mandarin = Zài jiàn

Where to Say It: As the most spoken language in the world, it’s useful to know how to say hello in this language everywhere. It’s primarily spoken in China. If you’re visiting, you should pick up some books to learn Chinese Madarin before you arrive.

How to Pronounce it: tzai-JIEN

Piece of card stock on a white string that says

13. Cantonese = Joigin

Where to Say It: Many people think “Chinese” is a language, but Cantonese and Mandarin are very different. Cantonese is mostly spoken in Southern China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

How to Pronounce it: JOI-gin

14. Hindi = Namaste

Where to Say It: Hindi is one of the official languages of India, but is most commonly spoken in Northern India. 

How to Pronounce it: nah-mah-stay

15. Japanese = Sayōnara

Where to Say It: This is an easy way to say goodbye in Japan.

How to Pronounce it: sie-yon-are-ah

16. Turkish = Güle güle

Where to Say It: Turkish is spoken in Turkey and Cyprus. You’ll also find it in parts of Azerbaijan.

How to Pronounce it: gooleh gooleh

17. Korean = Annyeong

Where to Say It: North Korea and South Korea.

How to Pronounce it: AN-nyeong

18. Slovak = Dovidenia

Where to Say It: Primarily spoken in Slovakia.

How to Pronounce it: doh-vidjen-yeah

19. German = Auf Wiedersehen

Where to Say It: Say bye to people this way in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

How to Pronounce it: owf-VEE-der-zayn

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20. Dutch = Tot ziens

Where to Say It: Spoken by millions in the Netherlands and northern Belgium.

How to Pronounce it: tut-ZEENS

21. Polish = Żegnaj

Where to Say It: The official language of Poland, Polish is said to be one of the hardest languages to learn.

How to Pronounce it: dzen-NAI

22. Thai = Laa Gòn

Where to Say It: Sole language of Thailand.

How to Pronounce it: laa kawn

Want to learn Thai? I recommend this pocket phrasebook that you can easily carry with you. This way you won’t be stranded in a market with no idea how to order dinner – or what you’re ordering!

23. Hungarian = Viszlát

Where to Say It: Hungary is mostly spoken in Hungary, but parts of the Balkans also speak it.

How to Pronounce it: vee-sohnt-la-tah-shrah

24. Czech = Sbohem

Where to Say It: Mainly spoken in the Czech Republic.

How to Pronounce it: sbo-HEM

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25. Bengali = Bidāẏa

Where to Say It: The official language of Bangladesh.

How to Pronounce it: bi-die

26. Urdu = Khuda hafiz

Where to Say It: National language of Pakistan, with similarities to the Hindi language.

How to Pronounce it: koo-dah ha-fiz

27. Persian = Khodaa haafez

Where to Say It: Persian or Farsi is spoken is Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Bahrain.

How to Pronounce it: koo-dah ha-fiz

28. Ukrainian = Do pobachennia

Where to Say It: Spoken in the Ukraine.

How to Pronounce it: doh-poh-ba-CHAN-ya

29. Swedish = Adjö

Where to Say It: Language of Sweden and the Aland Islands.

How to Pronounce it: ah-YEU

Light up sign on a kitchen table that says

30. Afrikaans = Totsiens

Where to Say It: Say goodbye this way in South Africa and Namibia. Some parts of Botswana and Zimbabwe also speak Afrikans.

How to Pronounce it: TOTE-seens

31. Romanian = La revedere

Where to Say It: Spoken in Romania and Moldova.

How to Pronounce it: LA-re-ve-DEH-re

32. Hebrew = Shalom

Where to Say It: Historically, the language of those in Israel and of the Jewish faith.

How to Pronounce it: shah-lohm

33. Armenian = Ts’tesut’yun

Where to Say It: Republic of Armenia and in Armenian Diaspora communities.

How to Pronounce it: ts-teess-uts-yun

34. Arabic = Ma’a as-salaama

Where to Say It: There are many dialects of Arabic throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Say hell in this Arabic in Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Western Sahara, and Yemen.

How to Pronounce it: may ahsahlahmah

35. Punjabi = Alweda

Where to Say It: This 10th most spoken language in the world is a language spoken in India.

How to Pronounce it: al-ah-vee-dah

36. Javanese = Pamit

Where to Say It: Spoken in Java, Indonesia.

How to Pronounce it: pahmit

37. Malay/Indonesian = Selamat tinggal

Where to Say It: You’ll find this language in Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. It is the official language of Malaysia and Brunei.

How to Pronounce it: sell-ah-maht teen-gahl

38. Vietnamese = Tạm biệt

Where to Say It: Primarily spoken in Vietnam.

How to Pronounce it: tahm bee-et

39. Basque = Agur

Where to Say It: Spoken in the Basque regions of Spain, located in Northern Spain and Southern France.

How to Pronounce it: ah-goor

40. Bavarian = Tschüss

Where to Say It: Regional dialect in Bavaria, Germany and Western Austria.

How to Pronounce it: ch-oos

41. Tagalog = Paalam

Where to Say It: Tagalog is the primary language of the Philippines.

How to Pronounce it: puh-AH-lam

42. Swahili = Kwaheri

Where to Say It: Swahili is mainly in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. It is the secondary language in East Africa.

How to Pronounce it: kwaheri

43. Uzbek = Xayr

Where to Say It: Uzbek is the national language of Uzebekistan.

How to Pronounce it: hayir

44. Azerbaijani = Sagol

Where to Say It: Say hello this way in Azerbaijan. You’ll also find it in Northern Iran, southern Dagestan, Kvemo Kartli in Georgia, Eastern Turkey, and some parts of Iraq.

How to Pronounce it: saah-gohl

45. Kurdish = Bi xatre te

Where to Say It: Spoken by 30 million people in Western Asian, including Kurdistan, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and Syria.

How to Pronounce it: by scat-er teh

46. Nepali = Namaste

Where to Say It: Sole language of Nepal and one of the languages of India.

How to Pronounce it: nah-mah-stay

47. Haitian Creole = Orevwa

Where to Say It: Spoken in Haiti, along with French.

How to Pronounce it: oh-reh-vwah

48. Belarusian = Da pabačeńnya

Where to Say It: Spoken in Belarus and parts of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland.

How to Pronounce it: da pa-bach-jennja

49. Chichewa = Bayi

Where to Say It: Also called Nyanja, this Bantu language us spoken in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.

How to Pronounce it: by-ee

50. Fijian = Moce

Where to Say It: Native language of Fiji.

How to Pronounce it: mothay

51. Hawaiian = Aloha

Where to Say It: Spoken in Hawaii.

How to Pronounce it: ah-loh-ha

52. Samoan = Tōfā

Where to Say It: Say goodbye to people in the Samoan Islands this way.

How to Pronounce it: toe-fah

53. Tongan = Alu a e

Where to Say It: Language of the Kingdom of Tonga.

How to Pronounce it: Ah-loo ah eh

54. Yiddish = Zay gezunt

Where to Say It: Historical language of the Ashkenazi Jewish peoples.

How to Pronounce it: zay gezunt

55. Welsh = Hwyl

Where to Say It: Spoken in Wales and routinely mocked in greater Britain for its abundance of consonants.

How to Pronounce it: hoo-eel

56. Norwegian = Hade

Where to Say It: Norway.

How to Pronounce it: HA-day

57. Lithuanian = Viso gero

Where to Say It: Lithuania.

How to Pronounce it: vee-saw gheh-raw

58. Latvian = Uz redzēšanos

Where to Say It: Official language of Latvia.

How to Pronounce it: ooz REHD-zehh-shuh-nohs

59. Icelandic = Bless

Where to Say It: Spoken only in Iceland.

How to Pronounce it: bleh-s

60. Scottish Gaelic = Mar sin leat

Where to Say It: Native to the Gaels of Scotland. It is now rarely spoken in Scotland.

How to Pronounce it: mar shin lat

61. Irish = Slan

Where to Say It: The Irish Gaelic language is spoken in Ireland.

How to Pronounce it: slawn

62. Estonian = Nägemist

Where to Say It: Estonia.

How to Pronounce it: nahgehmist

63. Bosnian = Zdravo

Where to Say It: Bosnia.

How to Pronounce it: zdrah-voh

64. Tibetan = Kah-leh pheb

Where to Say It: Official language of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. Spoken across the Himalayas.

How to Pronounce it: kah-leh pheb

Blonde girl in black hat and a leather jacket holding two pieces of paper towards the camera that say

65. Lao = La khon

Where to Say It: Main language of Laos.

How to Pronounce it: la gon

66. Georgian = Nakhvamdis

Where to Say It: Georgia (the country, not the US state).

How to Pronounce it: nakhvamdis

67. Sesotho = Sala hantle

Where to Say It: Basotho in Lesotho, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

How to Pronounce it: sala hant-l

68. Esperanto = Adiaŭ

Where to Say It: Artificial language created to be a widely spoken language in the world.

How to Pronounce it: ah-dee-oh

69. Maltese = Addiju

Where to Say It: Matla, Gozo, and Comino in the Mediterranean.

How to Pronounce it: a-dee-joh

70. Bahaman = Goodbye

Where to Say It: Bahamas.

71. Igbo = Ka ọ dị

Where to Say It: Nigeria.

How to Pronounce it: kah oh dee

72. Luxembourgish = Äddi

Where to Say It: Luxembourg.

How to Pronounce it: ah-dee

73. Navajo = Hágooshį́į́

Where to Say It: Southwestern United States by the Navajo peoples.

How to Pronounce it: hah-goo-shee

74. Swiss German = Ade

Where to Say It: Upper German dialect name that’s spoken in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, parts of Germany, and Alsace, France.

How to Pronounce it: a-day

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75. Tahitian = Nānā

Where to Say It: Spoken in the Society Islands in French Polynesia.

How to Pronounce it: nah-nah

76. Albanian = Mirupafshim

Where to Say It: Albanian is the predominant language of Albania and Kosovo. You will find it in other regions of the Balkans as well.

How to Pronounce it: meer-oo-PAHF-sheem

77. Catalan =Adéu

Where to Say It: Official language of Andorra and the co-official language of some Spanish communities, like Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

How to Pronounce it: ah-deh-ou

78. Galician = Adeus

Where to Say It: Northwestern Spain.

How to Pronounce it: ah-dey-oos

79. Mongolian = Ba-yar-tye

Where to Say It: Mongolia, parts of Russia, and parts of Kyrgyzstan.

How to Pronounce it: bah-yar-tyeh

80. Wolof = Mangi dem

Where to Say It: Senegal.

How to Pronounce it: man-gee-dem

81. Wu (Shanghainese) = Zä wēi

Where to Say It: A variety of Wu Chinese spoken in the city of Shanghai and it’s surrounding areas.

How to Pronounce it: tse hue

82. Tamil = Parkkalaam

Where to Say It: Southern India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore.

How to Pronounce it: par-kahl-ahm

83. Pashto = Da khoday pa amaan

Where to Say It: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.

How to Pronounce it: dah khod-ay pah ah-mahn

84. Kannada = Vidāya

Where to Say It: Southwestern India.

How to Pronounce it: vi-die-yah

85. Hausa = Sai wata rana

Where to Say It: Hausa is the native language of Niger and Northern Nigeria. It is also used in some countries in West and Central Africa.

How to Pronounce it: si wah-tah rah-nah

86. Burmese = Swarrtotmaal

Where to Say It: Myanmar, especially by the Bamar people.

How to Pronounce it: swar-toh-meal

87. Amharic = Chaw

Where to Say It: This is an informal way to say goodbye in the Amharic language in Ethiopia. You can also use it in Egypt and Eritrea.

How to Pronounce it: chaw

Father holding up a child to the train window to wave goodbye to someone unseen.

88. Breton = Kenavo

Where to Say It: Brittany in the Northwest of France.

How to Pronounce it: kenavoo

89. Oromo = Nagayattii

Where to Say It: This Cushitic language is spoken by millions in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Egypt.

How to Pronounce it: nah-gah-tee

90. Manipuri = Kāi-nə-rə-shi

Where to Say It: Manipur in India.

How to Pronounce it: kay-nee-ree-shee

91. Cebuano = Paalam

Where to Say It: The Philippines.

How to Pronounce it: pah-lahm

92. Malagasy = Veloma

Where to Say It: Madagascar.

How to Pronounce it: veh-loh-mah

93. Finnish = Näkemiin

Where to Say It: Finland.

How to Pronounce it: nah-keh-meen

94. Khmer = Choum reap lear

Where to Say It: Cambodia.

How to Pronounce it: jom-REE-up-LEE-er

95. Sinhalese = Gihin ennan

Where to Say It: Sri Lanka.

How to Pronounce it: gihin ennan

96. Somali = Macsalaamo

Where to Say It: Somalia.

How to Pronounce it: macsalahmo

97. Taiwanese Hokkien = Chài-kiàn

Where to Say It: Taiwan.

How to Pronounce it: jaigen

98. Tswana = Go siame

Where to Say It: Botswana and South Africa.

How to Pronounce it: go see-ah-meh

99. Quechua = Tupananchikama

Where to Say It: Peru.

How to Pronounce it: too-pan-anchis-kama

100. Xhosa = Sala kakuhle

Where to Say It: Bantu language of South Africa.

How to Pronounce it: sah-lah kah-koo-leh

Man waving goodbye out a train window to green scenery passing by. The man is a shadowy figure and the light is focussed on the greenery outside the train.

Closing Thoughts on Goodbye in Every Language

Knowing how to say goodbye in different languages can be a handy tool when traveling, as it shows that you’ve made an effort to learn at least some of the language and culture.

My guide provides 100 different ways to say goodbye, from Albanian to Zulu, with pronunciation guides so you can avoid saying gibberish!

Want to keep improving your language skills? Check out my other 100 language guides so you can know the essential words around the world!

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