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Canada Day Quiz: Test Your Canadian Knowledge

Canada Day Quiz: Test Your Canadian Knowledge

Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians at home and abroad!

I know Canada Day is going to be different for a lot of people this year. We can’t have our typical barbecues or hang out by the lake. We can’t gather with friends and family, show off our red and white outfits, or start drinking far too early (…well, I guess you can still do that one).

Many of us are stuck in the city with little to do that resembles our usual celebration.

To life everyone’s spirits and make some of use of my knowledge of our country, I’ve designed a Canada Day quiz for y’all. It’s 20 questions in honour of 2020 (and since 153 seemed like a bit much – for those who don’t know, that’s how old Canada is). This multiple choice quiz will get you through that afternoon lull and maybe teach you something new!

If you’re from Canada, see how much you know about your homeland. If you’re not, try anyway and see if you can beat your Canadian friends.


I got the idea to do a Canada Day quiz from my friends in New Zealand. Last year, the only other Canadian and I hosted a Canada Day party for our coworkers. We made poutine, pancakes with maple syrup, and a Victoria sponge cake (not Canadian, but it’s the right colours!). To cap it off, we ended with a Canada Day quiz to test everyone’s knowledge.

I actually got my Canadian friend to do it and she didn’t know most of it.


This year’s quiz is updated so my friends from New Zealand can try again, but now y’all can enjoy it as well!

Happy Canada Day!


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