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What is the Cost of Living In Montreal in 2023?

If Montreal is on your list of places to consider moving in 2022, you’ll need to save this post, so you know the cost of living in Montreal! 

Thinking about relocating can be overwhelming, especially if you are trying to compile all the research you’ll need to take care of your finances by yourself. Let’s take some of the stress out of this and break down every last thing you’ll need to think about as you live in Montreal.

From necessities like food and rent to fun things like heading to the cineplex, every penny we’ll be accounted for.

Let’s talk all about the cost of living in Montreal in 2022!

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Montreal Ferris wheel beside a river. Consider activities like this when determining the cost of living in Montreal.

Cost of Living in Montreal [2022]

As you are doing this research, your main question – more than likely is – is Montreal expensive?

Let’s break down each of the largest costs you’ll have so you know the answer to this question within the next few minutes!

Overall, it is more affordable than its western neighbors, so if you are looking to spend a little less on a Canadian experience, this may be the city for you!

Housing Costs


All numbers here have been recorded according to’s estimates as of mid-October, 2022.

Apartment Type (# of bedrooms)Average Rental Cost Per Month

Is rent expensive in Montreal?

Expensive is a relative term depending on your life situation, but Montreal’s overall average rent did increase by 9% from last year, making it far more expensive than it was.  

As you can see in the table, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Montréal, QC is $1,466. It ranks 15th most expensive in rental markets across the country.

Buying a House

Just like everywhere else, the housing market in Montreal saw a significant uptick in 2022. However, it is still more affordable, on average, than many other places in the country. 

The average price of buying a house here, as of Fall 2022, is $511,400. Keep in mind, how much you’ll spend on a house will depend on age and condition of the home, location, and general amenities.

These are all things you’ll need to keep in mind as you budget for your cost of life in Montreal, Canada.


After you decide whether you are renting or buying, you’ll need to know how much your utilities will cost you per month.

Let’s break it down here:

UtilityAverage Cost

Overall, on average in Montreal, utilities should run you about $341 for everything outside of your rent or mortgage payment.

Home Insurance Costs

You can find homeowner’s insurance policies for as little as $12/month in Montreal, but it won’t get you very much.

On average, homeowners spend around $140 a month, depending on the type of property they own.

Tenant’s Insurance

If you are renting, you’ll still need insurance to cover your belongings, but it will only cost you around $27.50/month on average, according to client data collected by a survey done through KBD insurance.

Food Costs

As you continue calculating your monthly expenses, you’ll need to know what some of the most popular grocery items cost so you can budget those in.

These prices are based on those of the local store, Provigo, as of October 2022.

Grocery ItemAverage Cost (October 2022)
Milk$7.49/100 ml
Bread$5.49/1 loaf
Rice$7.99/100 g
Eggs$3.99/1 dozen
Tomatoes$3.90/1 cluster
Potatoes$2.99/10 lb bag
Lettuce$3.99/1 head
Onions$2.03/1 red onion
Water (boxed)$2.99

Entertainment Costs

While living in Montreal, you’ll also want to have some fun!

Because the average cost of living in Montreal is a little lower than some other places, this should be able to be factored into your budget.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the activities you might like to do!

ActivityAverage Cost
Dining Out$16/per meal, per person
Clubbing$15.85/cover charge$3.96/beer$7.92/mixed drink$4.76/shot
Movies (Cineplex)$14.25 – $16.50/per ticket, per adult
Sports Games$61/hockey game ticket for an adult


Whether you choose to use public transportation or rely on your car, you’ll need to account for it in your Montreal living expenses.

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Metro sign in Montreal. Taking public transit can be a great way to reduce your cost of living in the city.

Public Transportation

A single fare on Montreal’s metro system will run you $3.50.


Gas has fluctuated quite a bit in Montreal within the last few months, so it’s difficult to put a specific average on this. However, as of October 2022, average gas prices stand at $2.18 per litre.

Car Insurance

Car insurance, on average, will cost you around $59.75 per month.


Ubers are more affordable than taxis in Montreal, so they are the better way to go when traveling in this city. A taxi will cost you $40-$50 for around a 20-minute ride – based on fare calculations from the airport to downtown. 

In contrast, while an Uber may charge a minimum fee, their hourly rate works out to about $50, giving you a much better value than a taxi.

Healthcare Costs

Much like Toronto insurance, dental, physiotherapy, and psychology visits aren’t free. Even prescriptions cost a lot. So, while there is national healthcare, you will more than likely need to supplement it with health insurance of your own.

Families typically spend around $4,000 per year on this, which for budgeting purposes, breaks down to around $333 per month.

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There are two main schools within the city limits, McGill and Concordia. In addition, there is also the University of Montreal. 


Currently, according to the University website, for residents of Quebec, McGill University will cost $5131.84 per semester, including all the fees for a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Concordia University, for a student that is a resident of Quebec will cost $4,933 per semester.

Lastly, the University of Montreal has the least significant cost at $1,398.45 for budgeting purposes. This does not include any of the extra fees or living expenses factored in.


Books will cost around $281/month, so this will be a significant added cost for students that will need to be factored in when calculating the cost of living in Montreal for a student.


Luckily, there are quite a few affordable gyms in Montreal that you can start going to for just $10/month, including Econofitness that is sure to have a location by you with 31 sprinkled throughout the city.

The average cost of the gym runs around $20-$25 for various other places, and if you are looking for a more luxury experience for your workouts, there are places that charge up to $55/month but offer more amenities in addition to the gym equipment.

Phone + Internet Costs

The average price for a bundle in Montreal will cost around $53 per month.


While you should always speak with a financial expert if you are confused regarding filing your taxes, you can get a good idea of what you may owe living in Montreal here.


Income Tax Bracket for Montreal, QuebecPercentage of Income Owed
Up to $46,29515%
$46,296 to $92,58020%
$92,581 to $112,65524%
$112,655 and over25.75%


Income Tax BracketPercentage of Income Owed
$0 to $42,1845.06%
$0 to $42,1845.06%
$42,184.01 to $84,3697.70%
$84,369.01 to $96,86610.50%
$96,866.01 to $117,62312.29%
$117,623.01 to $159,48314.70%
$159,483.01 to $222,42016.80%
Over $222,42020.5%


During a night of fun, a beer or glass of wine in a neighborhood pub in Montreal will cost around $8 CAD. However, if you head to the local liquor store, such as SAQ, you can pick up a whole bottle of wine for just a few dollars more.


If you head to a local coffee shop, like Cafe Myriade – which has made quite a name for itself –  a traditional espresso will cost around $3 CAD. They also sell retail coffee for you to brew at home that costs $20 per bag.


Infant, toddler, and preschool care in Montreal is actually quite reasonable compared to the rest of the country, which is great news for families looking to move here. On average, it costs around $181 per month.

Restaurant with flowers on its patio on the old streets of Montreal. This is a fun place to visit, but too expensive to live.

Average Salary in Montreal Quebec

The average salary in Montreal, Quebec, is  $45,825 per year or $23.50 per hour.

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How much money do you need to live comfortably in Montreal?

When you include rent in the average cost of living, monthly expenses equal out to about $2,844 per month, so in order to live comfortably in Montreal you’d need to make around $34,128 at minimum as a single person, or $68,256 for a couple.

Average Cost to Live in Montreal Per Month 

Let’s break down the average cost of living in Montreal per month depending on your particular situation. 

Obviously, whether or not you have children, are part of a couple, or have expenses related to schooling will play a huge part in determining your monthly budget as you plan for relocation.

Cost of Living for a Single Person

The cost of living for a single person in Montreal, on average, is $1,449 CAD per month, which equates to $17,388 per year. So, if you calculate your cost of living in Montreal carefully, it could be a great place to live while saving some money up for the future too.

Cost of Living for a Family of 4

For a family of 4, estimated costs equal around $4,240 for general items per month. This is before the cost of rent, or a mortgage is factored in, so be sure to keep that in mind when estimating your cost of living in Montreal. 

Cost of Living for a Student 

The cost of living for a student is slightly cheaper than that of the average single person living in Montreal at $1,225 CAD. However, it is important to also remember to factor in tuition and textbooks when figuring out your monthly budget, which are discussed earlier on in the post!

View over the city of Montreal from the mountain, with skyscrapers rising before the St. Lawrence River in the background.

Compared to Canada

Cost of living in Montreal vs. Toronto

The cost of living in Montreal is 24% lower than in Toronto, making it the more economical choice out of the two.

Cost of living in Montreal vs. Ottawa

While the difference between living in Montreal and Ottawa isn’t quite as significant as the difference between it and Toronto, it is still cheaper at 7.1% less in terms of overall expenses from month to month.

Cost of living in Montreal vs. Vancouver 

The difference between Montreal and Vancouver is the most significant as you compare cities within Canada and their cost of living. Montreal is 25% less expensive than Vancouver as you calculate your cost of living in Montreal from month to month.

Conclusion: Is it expensive to live in Montreal?

Montreal is a relatively cheap city to live in compared with its counterparts in Canada, and certainly when compared to other cities that offer similar amenities around the world. 

The cost of living is significantly lower than places like New York at 34.86% lower overall and it is also lower than Vancouver and Toronto.

If a relocation to Canada is in the cards for you, I’d highly recommend checking out this inexpensive, safe city that still offers so much no matter what stage of life you are in!

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