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The 12 Best Places to Go Apple Picking Near Toronto

Looking for the best place to go apple picking near Toronto? Look no further!

This guide to Ontario apple orchards will help you have an amazing experience picking your own fall fruit.

I’m a fall baby, so I’m fall obsessed. I’m talking wait all year to wrap myself in a blanket scarf, eat pumpkin everything, and head out to the apple orchards.

So I’ve been to A LOT of orchards around Toronto trying to find the best apple picking experience (and buying far too many apples).

Keep reading to make the most of my knowledge. You’ll find the best Toronto apple picking farms to visit with kids, the Instagram-ready orchards for fall shots, and all the apples you could ever hope for.

Let’s explore the apple picking in Ontario together. I’ll see you out on the orchards this fall!

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The Top 12 Best Places to go Apple Picking Near Toronto

1. Chudleigh’s Farm

I grew up going to Chudleigh’s every fall to pick apples. It was our tradition to run through the orchards in search of the best apples.

With over 22 varieties of apples and nearly 50,000 trees, it’s easy to let your kids run amok (or your child-like spirit in my case!).

Hop on their tractors to be taken to your field of choice. Every apple is marked by signs to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Not only does Chudleigh’s offer pick your own apples, but they also have a marketplace where you can buy bushels of apples, the famous Chudleigh’s apple blossoms, and get more seasonal delicacies!

Make a day out of a visit to Chudleigh’s by running through the hay bales, visiting the small petting zoo (where you can meet Mac and Tosh, the two labrador mascots of the farm), and getting the best corn on the cob you’ve ever had.

Something about their fire roasted sausages and charred corn on the cob, that you literally paint with melted butter, pairs perfectly with the fall atmosphere.

Don’t forget to bring your pooch along! Chudleigh’s is dog friendly.

Price: $15 with parking included

When to Go: Although Chudleigh’s opens in mid-august, you’ll want to wait until September and October to go picking. Check what apples are ripe now here. They are open from 8:30am to 6pm.

Where: 9528 Regional Road 25, Halton Hills, ON

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 30 minutes

Downey's apple orchards with red apples
Photo (c) Downey’s Farm

2. Downey’s Strawberry Apple Farm

I spent more of my summers at Downey’s than my autumns growing up, because we’d visit to pick strawberries. But in autumn, Downey’s transforms into an apple picking paradise!

Visit from mid-September to November for amazing apple cider, wagon rides, and fresh made candy apples. If you visit in October, you can even visit the stunning pumpkin patch (perfect for a fall Instagram shot!).

I love the family atmosphere at Downey’s. The owner is a 7th generation farmer who has opened up his fields to guests. On top of picking your own, you can buy fresh produce that he farms himself in the back fields.

Price: No admission charge, but you must spend $8 on picked apples.

When to Go: Opens August 14th. Check ripe apples here. Open 9:30am to 5:30pm daily.

Where: 13707 Heart Lake Road, Caledon, ON

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 30 minutes

Apple orchard near Ontario to go apple picking
Photo of an orchard from Unsplash

3. Brooks Farms

Want to pick more than just apples? Head to Brooks Farms‘ Ontario apple orchards. They have a rich variety of apples for you to pick, along with local squash and pumpkins.

You’ll be able to make a full Thanksgiving feast with all of the fresh produce you pick at Brooks!

Visit on weekends in September and October to enjoy the Fall Fun Festival. Brooks Farms adds amazing activities like a zip line, giant jumping pillows, a corn maze, rubber duck races, and more!

It’s probably more for kids, but I’m obsessed with it. Although that might have something to do with the fresh peameal on a bun that they serve, along with other Canadian fall delicacies.

Don’t forget to try their fresh made donuts year round!

Price: $13.50 for a 5lb bag

When to go: Apple picking begins August 28th. Squash and pumpkins begin mid September. Open 8am to 6pm.

Where: 233 Ashworth Road, Mount Albert, ON

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 30 minutes

Apples on a tree for picking near Toronto
Photo (c) Dixie Orchards

4. Dixie Orchards

Most apple farms near Ontario have other claims to fame as well. Dixie Orchards is no exception, with one of the best sunflower fields for Instagram shots in Ontario.

Although sunflower season ends before apple season, you’ll still love a visit to these apple orchards.

Wait until after Labor Day (the first weekend of September) to visit for fresh apples. You’ll find my favourite Gala apples perfectly ripe and ready for picking. Even the Canadian Macintosh apples will be ready for you to bring home.

Once you eat your first round of apples, you can return to pick your own pumpkins at the end of September or to pick fresh hazelnuts after Thanksgiving.

If you want to book some professional shots at Dixie Orchards, you’ll need to make a specific reservation ahead of time.

Price: $3/person

When to Go: Visit just before Labor Day for the sunflowers and a couple apples. But apples are best after Labor Day. Open 10am to 5pm daily.

Where: 14309 Dixie Road, Caledon, ON

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 30 minutes

Toronto apple picking haul in a basket
Photo (c) Organics Farm

5. Organics Farm

The only pick your own farm that’s certified organic!

Organics Farm is a great place to go apple picking near Toronto for your fall apple needs (and seriously there are so many!).

To maintain the organic certification, Organics Farm has to restrict the access of pets and games. That makes it a strict orchard farm for you to visit.

What it lacks in hay rides it makes up for in education, with regular bee talks to help inform people about the necessity of bees. As someone who loves local honey and believes bees should be protected, I’m all in on their chats!

Price: $14/person

When to Go: Opens August 26th. Open 9am to 5pm daily.

Where: 7550 19th Ave. Markham, ON

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 15 minutes

6. Carl Laidlaw Orchards

I love the Carl Laidlaw‘s location. This apple orchard is located near Toronto, but feels like you’re eons away with it serenity.

You won’t want to leave this stunning farm located on the Credit River.

Visit to pick fresh apples and pears (once the pear crops grow back after a blight). Meet their adorable farm animals. Wander the corn maze. Attempt the Barn Beam walk. Watch the salmon spawn in the river. And shop for fresh pies at the local market.

You’ll feel like part of the Laidlaw family when you visit this Ontario apple orchard.

Price: $12/person

When to Go: Open 9am to 5pm daily. Visit in September and October for the best apple selection.

Where: 9496 Heritage Road, Brampton, ON

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 30 minutes

7. Albion Orchards

Albion Orchards has been recognized as one of the top 4 orchards in Canada by Chatelaine Magazine and the Food Network.

When you visit it’s easy to see why.

The lush fields full of apple orchards are perfect to visit on a fall day. Bundle up in your favourite sweater and get ready for some stunning apple orchard photos.

They also have a huge pumpkin patch that is popular for Halloween jack-o-lantern picks.

I love the feeling of peace that you get at Albion Orchards, with no areas of screaming children to distract you from your day outside.

Don’t feel like picking apples? Get a fresh pie and some homemade apple cider to take home! You’ll even find classic Mennonite preserves for sale.

Price: Free to enter. $20 for 10lb bag (aka. minimum for 2 people). Cash only.

When to Go: Visit in October when apple season really kicks off. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Open from 10am – 6pm otherwise.

Where: 14800 Innis Lake Road, Caledon, ON

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 15 minutes

Toronto apple picking farm
Unsplash example of an apple orchard

8. JC Agri Orchards

My favourite part of JC Agri Orchards‘ lovely facilities? They encourage you to bring your own bags to reduce plastic waste.

Where most orchards sell you bags to measure how many apples you have, JC Agri Orchards puts the environment first and weighs your bag to charge you for your apples.

Jc Agri Orchards is also unique in that they let you drive into the orchards. You’ll need to be mindful of people walking, but this is a great option for the mobility impaired.

Check out this lovely orchard in King City for your Ontario apple picking needs!

Price: No entrance fee. Apples are sold by the pound.

When to Go: Opens September 10th. 9am to 5pm daily.

Where: 3105 16th Sideroad, King City, ON

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 30 minutes

9. Pine Farms Orchard

Pop in for some fun picking apples near Toronto at Pine Farms Orchard. Don’t forget to try their Fall Harvest Salad from the cafe to sample fresh picked apples and roasted pumpkin in a maple vinaigrette!

It’s hard to leave Pine Farms with only apples. They have rows and rows in their orchards just ready to be picked. But their bake shop is similarly packed full of delicious goodies!

You’ll find apple fritters, homemade fudge, wild blueberry scones, and more to keep you riding a sugar high on the way home. You can even sample a famous Canadian butter tart.

I’m a huge fan of their pumpkin spice ice cream. It’s a perfect side with a PSL from Starbucks (or on top of a pumpkin pie).

Price: $5/person

When to Go: September and October. 10am – 5pm daily.

Where: 2700 16th Sideroad, King, Ontario

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 30 minutes

Toronto apple picking sign at Luna Farms
Photo (c) Luna Farms

10. Luna Farms

Named after the beloved family Doberman, Luna Farms is an excellent farm to go apple picking near Toronto this fall.

They have over 25 varietals to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a baking apple, an eating apple, or something to toss in a salad, you’ll find it here!

At other times of year you can also visit to pick your own grapes – a unique experience I’ve never seen anywhere else.

In autumn, you can buy fresh grapes and plums from their market.

Price: Unspecified

When to Go: Opens August 27th.

Where: 61 8th Road E, Stoney Creek, ON

Distance from Toronto: 2 hours

11. Carluke Orchards

Carluke Orchards began as a pick-your-own apple orchard in Ontario back in 1965. They’re still going strong, with an additional Gourmet Food Market and Bakery for you to visit.

With 13 varietals, including my favourite Royal Gala and the popular Honey Crisp, you’ll quickly fill your bags over and over with these fresh apples.

Then you’ll fill your trunk with their homemade goodies from the market! I love their meat pies and their apple crumble.

Photographers should visit earlier in the season to snap pictures of the apple blossoms on their photography day.

Price: Unspecified

When to Go: 9am to 5pm. Closed Mondays. Begins second week of September.

Where: 2194 Shaver Rd S., Ancaster, ON

Distance from Toronto: 2 hours

Watson Farms barn amongst apple blossoms
Photo (c) Watson Farms

12. Watson Farms

Watson Farms is the second best place to go apple picking near Toronto if you’re looking for entertainment. With a children’s playground and a petting zoo, the child in you (or your actual child) will be sure to enjoy a day trip to this apple farm!

Plan to visit in October’s first week to be able to pick pears, squash and pumpkins as well as the rich variety of apples. You’ll be able to fill your fridge with fruit twice over before you leave!

In September, Watson Farms opens a corn maze. You can add it to the classic experience of a hayride and some photo ops at the farm’s photo stations (they know how to appeal to the Instagrammer in us!).

Stop by the market to fill up on Ontario produce and meats. I love Great Canadian’s meat selections and Kawartha Dairy’s ice cream. They quickly fill up my basket when I visit Watson’s.

Price: Unspecified.

When to Go: 9 am to 5:30 pm. September 4th is opening day.

Where: 2287 Hwy 2 Bowmanville, ON

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 40 minutes

Woman holding three apples in her hands from Toronto apple picking

Why Fall is the Perfect Season for Apple Picking

Fall is a perfect season for apple picking because the apples are ripe and ready to be picked. The weather has also cooled down significantly, making fall the perfect time to be outdoors.

Some people start apple picking right after the leaves have changed color from green to red or orange. This is because the apple trees are full of beautiful colors that make it more enjoyable to pick them.

Apple picking can be done by anyone who enjoys fresh air and being outdoors. You can bring your family and friends along with you on your adventure, which makes it a great experience for all involved!

I love bringing my furry friend to run through the orchards with me (where it’s allowed of course).

Men reaching into one of two crates full of apples at an apple farm near Toronto

Tips for Your Next Trip to an Apple Orchard

Ontario Apple Picking Etiquette

  • Don’t litter
  • Don’t eat apples on the walk. Most people break this rule, which affects the farmer’s profits. If you’re going to eat apples on the walk, own up to it at the end and ask for a few dollars to be added to your total
  • If you bring dogs (when allowed), they must be kept on a leash
  • Don’t throw apples! I don’t know why some people think this is fun, but it’s super dangerous and just plain rude
  • Leave other plants and animals alone while you pick. If the farm has other fruit, don’t pick it unless you’re expressly allowed to. You may be ruining crops
  • Obey signs and follow directions
  • Be kind to the staff – they do a lot for you!

How Do You Pick the Best Apples?

There are many different ways you can pick apples. The process of picking apples begins by first selecting your favorite apple and then picking the best ones from the tree.

To pick the apples, make sure to twist slowly, holding the base of the apple and twisting it to the sky (“eye in the sky” method). You don’t want to snap the branch, because you can ruin next year’s harvest by damaging the tree.

Make sure to hold onto the fruit. If the apples fall to the ground, they’re likely to get bruised and be less enjoyable crunchy when you eat them.

Don’t eat apples off the ground, as they could have worms or be rotten.

What to Wear Apple Picking

We all want to look picture perfect for our apple picking selfies. But you have to be practical as well.

These are working farms. And autumn means some wet earth.

Your favourite boots may not cut it on the farms. That’s why I’m sharing the best outfit tips for what to wear this fall on the apple orchards:

  • Leather boots or rain boots that can get muddy or damp. You can hose them off at home.
  • A knit sweater and scarf – both for the aesthetic and for the warmth, especially if you’re visiting in the mornings
  • Knit mittens for cooler days in October
  • A cute pair of jeans or leggings. You’ll want your legs covered when you’re apple picking, or you risk some cuts from branches when you’re running around. Besides, hay itches on bare skin!
  • A leather hat to help keep the sun out of your eyes and tame your hair when it’s windy

Still not sure what to wear? Shop my favourite fall pieces below:

How to Store Your Apples

When I go apple picking, I come back with pounds and pounds of apples.

But like most people, I only have one fridge to store them in. And that fridge needs to house the other food I’m going to be eating each week.

To store the extra apples that can’t fit in my crisper, I put them in a cool, dark place, like a cupboard or a pantry that’s away from the oven.

Apples can sit out, but they last far longer if they’re in the fridge.

Don’t freeze apples unless you’re planning to bake or cook with them. A defrosted apple isn’t as tasty or crisp as a fresh apple.

Best Recipes for Using Your Ontario Apples

Not sure what to do with 10lbs of apples? Or maybe you’re not a fan of eating them raw?

Either way, you’ll need some awesome Ontario apple recipes to use up your stash.

These are my favourite fall recipes involving apples that I highly recommend you check out:

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Apples on a tree at a Toronto apple farm

Wrap Up of Apple Picking Near Toronto

After all that talk of apples I am seriously craving some Amsterdam apple pie and some hot cider!

Who’s with me??

This September and October, be sure to check out the Toronto apple picking orchards in Ontario so you can get your own fresh produce. Grab some friends and make it an epic day trip (and force them to take some bomb photos of you looking fall fabulous).

I’ll be posing my puppy amongst the orchards to get some cute fall shots of his golden fur against the changing leaves and the delicious apples.

Remember to respect the orchards and have fun at these amazing apple farms near Toronto!

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