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Best Dog Sledding Tour in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (2023 Honest Review)

If you are looking to go dog sledding in Yellowknife, I’ve got the perfect tour for you! 

As you plan your dog sledding trip to this capital city within the Northwestern Territories, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind- particularly if you’ve never traveled to this region above the arcrtic circle before.

Most excitingly, it’s dark a lot of the time in winter, and it gives you a great chance of seeing the northern lights in addition to a dog sledding excursion! The beauty of this above the snow is incredible.

Because it’s dark most of the time, snowy, and located so far north, it’s also cold! So, prep for the weather to ensure that you’ll have a great time as you go dog sledding in Yellowknife.

dog sledding northern lights

Don’t have time to read the whole review? I recommend this dog sledding tour in Yellowknife – it even includes northern lights views!

Husky dog sledding tour in Yellowknife racing into the northern lights on a night ride through the snow.

#1 Best Dogsledding Tour in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Price Per Person: $100-150 (depending on the time of year)

Duration: ~ 1 hour

Location: Pick-ups from various hotels and Air B&Bs

This experience is top-notch right from the get-go as they will pick you up directly from your hotel or Air B&B. You just let them know where you are staying and they will scoop you up!

From there, you’ll be taken to their dog sledding venue in Yellowknife, where you will experience nothing short of true northern hospitality. 

You’ll have a chance to meet your musher, pet your dogs, and take lots of pictures with them before heading out on the trails!

The small group tour takes you through a true winter wonderland as you get to experience the dogs displaying their strength and all they’ve trained for. It’s an incredible sight to see!

When you arrive back at the facility, you’ll get more time with the dog mushing family and another opportunity to snap some pictures to remember this great winter adventure. 

As you wind down from your time outside, you’ll be given tea and bannock- homemade bread – while you listen to the history of dog sledding in Yellowknife and learn all about the culture that brought this wonderful past time to life.

It’s an experience unlike any other and one you truly don’t want to miss out on.

If you are lucky enough to have an extended stay in Yellowknife and can participate in both cold and warm weather activities, you can put even more on your agenda in addition to your dog sledding excursion.

As the weather turns, I recommend a multitude of activities that will make your time in Yellowknife so worthwhile.

Through Sundog Adventures in Yellowknife, you can do both kayak rentals and kayak lessons making for a fun day out on the water. You can paddle in these boats with two people, making it an enjoyable family activity. As a paddling centre for both kayaking and canoeing you are sure to have an enjoyable experience when you participate in this activity in Yellowknife.

Yellowknife certainly has no shortage of things to do in any season! Since we are most focused on the dog sledding tour here, let’s summarize what you’ll get with your package, so you can go ahead and book and get excited:

  • Pick up and drop off from your specific accommodations (convenient!)
  • Dog sledding tour
  • Ability to take pictures with dogs and mushers
  • Coffee and/or tea
  • Homemade bread (bannock)
  • An educational experience talking about the history and culture of dog sledding while you warm up, upon your return!

This dog sledding excursion is definitely the best in Yellowknife, with plenty of happy customers and 5-star ratings to back it up! I know you’ll enjoy it just as much as everyone who has gone before you. 

Make sure you get your tickets today as winter is upon us and it’s sure to book up quickly!

🛷 This tour is the best winter activity in Yellowknife!

Two teams of dog sledding people in Yellowknife in the forest with tall pine trees and snowy mountains in the background.

Best Time of Year to Go Dog Sledding in Yellowknife

For your best chance at having a significant amount of snowfall, you’ll want to book your dog sledding in the Northwest Territories sometime between mid-December and mid-March.  In Canada, these are considered the winter months (even though the cold can easily start in November and last through April) and will give you the opportunity to mush with the world’s most amazing sled dogs.

For the tour mentioned in this post, you’ll have to wait slightly longer as they begin their bookings at the beginning of January and continue through the end of March for their dog sledding in Yellowknife tours.

Where is Yellowknife?

Yellowknife is in the Northwestern Territories of Canada and is the capital city there. It is above the arctic circle and lies between the north shore of Great Slave Lake, which is five miles south of the Yellowknife River. Yellowknife is also the territory between Nunavut and the Yukon and above Alberta.

If you want to make your way from British Columbia, which sits slightly to the East of Alberta and where you may have seen the Indian Arm, to Yellowknife, you will want to fly, which takes just under four hours.

Woman wrapped in a traditional blanket watching the green northern light in Yellowknife.

Yellowknife Aurora Season 

Conveniently, as you would want to book a dog sledding tour in the wintertime, this is also the best time to see the northern lights in Yellowknife, and it is considered “Aurora Season.” Spanning the months from mid-November to the beginning of April, as that is when there is the least amount of sunlight.

With it being dark, it gives you the best chance of seeing the magic in the sky. Yellowknife is known for this and the ability to see this special occurrence. People travel here specifically for it, so if you are coming from somewhere far away for your dog sledding tour, make sure to include this as an activity in your itinerary as well!

Is Dog Sledding Ethical?

When well cared for, the dogs enjoy the dog sledding as much as we do. You will find plenty of information out there that speaks to the cruelty of animals when they are placed in dog sledding operations, but if the facility has the dogs’ best interest in mind they can live a wonderful life.

Tips for Dog Sledding in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Make sure you are prepared with your winter gear! Some of the main items you’ll want to have before hopping on a sleigh include:

If you want to take pictures of the beautiful scenery, it may be worth it to look into buying a decent camera for your trip as well. At the very least, upgrade your phone so you can get some half-way decent ones!

🛷 This tour is the best winter activity in Yellowknife!

Other Winter Activities in Yellowknife

There are so many great winter activities in Yellowknife to participate in besides dog sledding – here are some of my favorites:

You can see the famous snow castle on the Great Slave Lake! Akin to a winter festival, each year, there is a castle built here, and a courtyard, ice bars, ice slides, craft sales, fashion shows, and music all happen right alongside it.

You can also book a full-service tour to see the Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights, through the package offered by Aurora Village. They have teepees set up for you while you wait for the lights to make their appearance – and they pick you up and drop you off at your accommodations!

In the dead of the winter, many parts of this territory also become frozen over and turn into ice roads. These ice roads lead to some of the best places for ice fishing you can find.

Another great winter activity in Yellowknife!

🛷 This tour is the best winter activity in Yellowknife!

FAQs About Dog Sledding Tours in Yellowknife

Where is the best place to dog sled in Canada?

While there are a multitude of places that offer dog sledding in Canada, the most popular destinations for this activity are Quebec City, Montreal, and Mont Tremblant. I highly recommend Yellowknife (obviously!), the Yukon, and Toronto for this activity as well. No matter where you go, be sure to do your research on companies that participate in ethical mushing.

How much does dog sledding cost in Canada? 

On average, dog sledding in Canada will cost you between $150-$250 per person. However, the length of the tour, if there are other activities besides dog sledding included, the time interacting with the dogs, and whether or not meals are included will all factor into the price you will pay for dog sledding in Canada.

Wrap Up: Best Dog Sledding Tour in Yellowknife

I just love that you get a cultural, historical experience on top of the physical sledding with this dog sledding tour in Yellowknife. 

With each sled carrying two to four guests, you get such an intimate experience with the dogs, the mushers, and to just enjoy yourself while you are out for the ride.

I’d highly recommend this, the top-rated dog sledding in Yellowknife, to just about anyone – the time in nature and the family feel of this place will make for an unforgettable dog sledding experience.

And don’t forget to book your warmer weather activities if you are lucky enough to be in Yellowknife for an extended time or can book multiple trips!

🛷 This tour is the best winter activity in Yellowknife!

Canada Travel Planning Guide

🚑 Should I buy Canada travel insurance?

100% YES! — Canada has “free” healthcare but it’s only for citizens! Foreigners visiting need travel insurance in case anything happens on their visit. I recommend World Nomads – starting at just $5 a day!

💧Can you drink the water in Canada?

Yes — In all major cities in Canada, you can drink the tap water. There are very few, rural areas that you can’t. However, you should never drink river or lake water anywhere in the country! I recommend a Brita Water Bottle for long hikes and backcountry camping to stay safe and hydrated.

🚙💨 Is it safe to rent a car in Canada?

Yes Renting a car is a necessity in most of Canada! If you want to go on road trips or adventures outside of the major cities, you’ll need to rent a car. (Read more)

📲 Will my phone work in Canada?

Maybe — Some American companies work in Canada, but many will not. If your phone doesn’t work in Canada, I recommend getting a Canadian SIM card so you can get around and stay in contact with loved ones. We don’t have a lot of free WIFI in Canada, so you’ll need your phone for maps.

🏩 What’s the best way to book my Canada accommodations?

My go-to for Canadian hotels is For hostels, I use Hostel World. If you want a home-y feeling, check out VRBO (which is cheaper and safer than Airbnb).

Or get free accommodations with Trusted Housesitters!

✈️ What’s the best site to buy Canada flights?

For finding cheap Canadian flights, I recommend Skyscanner.

🎫 Do I need a visa for Canada?

Likely Not — US, UK, and EU passport holders don’t need Canadian visas. However, some other countries do (check here!). And if you plan to stay for more than 4 weeks (an average tourist visa length), you will need to look into visas to live in Canada.