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Who We Are:

Nina Out and About is a travel blog for solo, female travellers age 18-35. Since 2018, we have been inspiring young women to explore the world and discover themselves through adventure. Our content mixes a personal narrative with helpful information to engage our readership. Our goal is to inspire and inform our readers about the benefits and adventures that come with solo travel.

Nina is a Canadian travel writer that is passionate about sharing her journeys around the world. She has been to 5 continents, 29 countries and has had countless adventures along the way. After being unable to find a job and turning down law school, Nina has made a full-time job of seeing the world. She hopes that her experience will inspire others like her to find their joy and strive towards it.

Nina is currently based in New Zealand.


Our Audience:

Our readers are young, female travellers who are seeking unforgettable adventures around the world.

Our readers are predominantly from Canada with a large population of U.S., U.K, Indian and New Zealand (in that order) readers, as well. Our largest engagement with readers via social media comes from Facebook, followed by Pinterest and Instagram.

Nina Out and About inspires an audience of 1150+ readers and over 650+ social media followers. We get over 7,500 views per month. Nina Out and About averages 27.5 comments per post. Our four-month-old blog has achieved a DA of 16. (February 2019)


How Can We Benefit You:

Travel blogs are a creative way to create a genuine connection with customers. Through social media and compelling articles, Nina Out and About can uniquely promote a brand or destination.

If you are a travel-related business or have a travel-related product/service to offer, get in touch with us about an unbiased review.

We would love to work with businesses aiming to connect with engaged and enthusiastic travellers like our readers.

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Values and Disclosure:

Nina Out and About values our readers above all else. We are not interested in deceiving our readers or delivering subpar content for the sake of sponsorship. Working with Nina Out and About means engaging in a professional arrangement that will benefit both parties.

Nina Out and About will not pay to test products.

Note: All sponsored posts will be disclosed, as per our Disclosure Policy.


Nina Out and About’s Services:

  • Sponsored Posts
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  • Reviews

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