Where to Stay in Singapore: The Ritz-Carlton Millenia

Where to Stay in Singapore: The Ritz-Carlton Millenia

As Toronto gets increasingly more humid, I’m reminded of my time in Singapore. The weather was so hot that I had to walk through malls to cool down every few minutes. It may have been 35C, but I was sure it was hot enough to steam a human alive.

…clearly I’m not made for the heat.

Aside from the temperature, Singapore is a lovely place to visit. The city-state is constantly evolving due to their 50-year plan for shaping the city. I expect it’s already vastly different from my 2019 visit.

The revitalization has led to a plethora of beautiful hotels around Marina Bay. It can feel overwhelming sorting between the marble lobbies and picturesque windows.

Well, worry no more!

I’m about to share the best place to stay in Singapore. Now all you have to worry about it is planning your 5 day Singapore itinerary!


Where to Stay in Singapore

where to stay in singapore
Image (c) Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore is, in a word, opulent – more so than the famous Fullerton or the over crowded Marina Bay Sands. It is framed by the two famous landmarks but has significantly less bustle around its doors.

As someone who gets overwhelmed by hoards of people, this is a huge plus.

We chose the Millenia Singapore for its easy accessibility to my mom’s office (yes, once again I didn’t pay for the fancy hotel). But I didn’t realize that would mean we were staying in a fricken palace!

Now, most hotels in Singapore are lush – especially around Marina Bay. It’s a huge business destination and the wealthy business people can afford the fancy accommodations. But for someone who had been sleeping in store rooms and hostels for the last year, this was a huge treat for me.

When you arrive at the hotel, you pull into a round drop off. The stone pillars reach around you, blocking out the sun’s rays. I remember seeing palm fronds and thinking that this really was paradise.

Inside, the hotel is even nicer. The foyer is spacious and blasts you with A/C the moment you walk in. After baking in the sun and feeling my organs sweating from the humidity, that first brush of cool air on my skin felt like heaven.

You have two options when you enter: turn right or left. Right, takes you to a lounge area and the elevators to the rooms.

Left takes you to the dining area.

Left was my favourite direction.


Meals at the Millenia

where to stay in singapore
Image (c) Ritz-Carlton

You can book rooms with breakfast included. I highly recommend you go for that option, as breakfast isn’t a simple bowl of cereal.

The breakfast area winds through the dining tables to accommodate three stations in the main area and an entire alcove full of fresh food. You can find Western classics, Eastern staples, sweets, fruit, and an array of other options. The selection changes daily, so you’ll never be bored.

I often came away from breakfast with three empty plates and an inability to stand.

The dining area also serves lunch and dinner, although we never tried them. It wasn’t convenient with my running about the city to see as much as possible and our friends taking us to dinners. But when we walked by the dessert stand for dinners, I definitely wished we could gorge ourselves on the whole thing.

If you’re looking for cheaper meal options, the hotel is very close to the mall food court (an indoor hawkers market style area) and outdoor hawkers markets. We preferred to go to these kinds of places to try Asian classics like Hianese Chicken and Chilli Crab.



Ritz-Carlton Amenities

where to stay in singapore
Image (c) Ritz-Carlton

The Millenia Singapore features a number of amenities. The most important for us was a gym to work off the massive quantities of food we were eating. I bailed on my mom a number of times after overheating on walks and needing a break, but she enjoyed the set up.

The gym has cardio and weight equipment so you can manage whatever work out you prefer.

Beside the gym is a large pool. It’s often filled with children so don’t expect to be swimming laps during the day. But if you need a way to cool off, it’s a lovely place to go. You can even sit on a covered patio and drink fancy cocktails between dips.

There is also a spa. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit. You can find out more about the services offered on the hotel’s website.


Sleeping in Singapore

where to stay in singapore
Image (c) Ritz-Carlton

When you think of where to stay in Singapore, the most important part is probably the room. Amenities are nice, but they’re nothing if you don’t have a comfy bed.

Well the Ritz-Carlton has some of the comfiest beds I’ve ever slept on.

My mom and I shared a “Club Deluxe Kalang” double room looking over the Marina Bay. Although we usually went outside to see them, you could get a great view of the nightly light show over Marina Bay from the elevator windows.

The beds featured plush white duvets and overly fluffy pillows (if you have a sore neck, plan to get something firmer). I passed out in that soft bed multiple times a day after maxing myself out in the heat.

The adjoining bathroom was my favourite part of the room. The giant tub was pressed against a large, circular window that looked out at Marina Bay Sands. Although I usually only take baths when it’s cold out, I made sure to take a couple baths just for the experience.

I mentioned that I didn’t pay for our hotel in Singapore – and thank god for that. My funds at that point were still depleted from my two month adventure in New Zealand with no job. Although this beautiful room was worth every penny, I couldn’t have swung it.

Prices vary across the types of rooms (or suites if you’re feeling fancy), but a Club Deluxe Kalang room is $495 CAD per night.


The “Crazy Rich Asians” Experience

where to stay in singapore
Image (c) Ritz-Carlton

I can’t say enough positive things about the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore hotel. I was blown away when I walked in and I’m still mesmerized by the memories.

The location perfectly centre between the major attractions, like the Fullerton Hotel and the Gardens by the Bay. It was easy to get to and distinctive enough that, when I inevitably got lost trying to find the church from “Crazy Rich Asians”, I could find my way back from sight alone.

When you’re trying to decide where to stay in Singapore, remember to check out the Ritz Carlton to get the full opulent, “Crazy Rich Asians” experience.

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