Top 19 Photos of 2019

Top 19 Photos of 2019

With the stress of the Coronavirus and moving to a new Airbnb to try and ride out self-isolation in Canada, I missed my post last week.

Honestly, it’s hard to find the desire to write – especially about travel – when we aren’t even allowed outside for more than 1 walk a day.

It’s ok to not feel motivated right now. It’s ok to not be productive.

Which is why I’m easing myself back into my blog (albeit, a week late) with this post of my top 19 photos of 2019.


Top 19 Photos of 2019

Self-isolation has given me more than enough time to go through all of the photos from last year. Unfortunately, I had just finished organizing them into albums before Coronavirus hit so I didn’t have that excuse – I just wanted to remember a time when the outdoors wasn’t a danger.

These photos are a mix of my favourite photos and my favourite moments of 2019.

Hopefully we’ll be out of quarantine with enough time for me to amass 20 for 2020!

1. Hiking Rangitoto

top 19 photos of 2019

Enjoying the fresh air from Rangitoto, an active volcano off the coast of Auckland. It was my first hike of 2019, done with my roommate and her friend.


2. Mangawhai Heads

top 19 photos of 2019

The view from the cliff walk at Mangawhai Heads in New Zealand. It was so sunny that day, but the body surfing in the ocean after our hike made the minor sun burn worth it.


3. In My Element (ft. Street Food)

top 19 photos of 2019

A candid shot that you might remember from my Must Try New Zealand Food: A Comprehensive Guide post in 2019. My friend snapped this pic as I was about to dig into some amazing street food at the Auckland Light Festival.

The love in my eyes is reserved for food or puppies. He caught it perfectly!


4. Mangawhai Cliff Walk

top 19 photos of 2019

I know I already included a shot of Mangawhai Heads but I seriously can’t get over how beautiful the place is. It offers so much, too! You can surf, hike, climb, or hang out on the beach. The coast even shifts from golden sand to volcanic rocks part way through.

Of all the beaches in the North Island, Mangawhai is my favourite.


5. My Favourite Place in Auckland

top 19 photos of 2019

I don’t remember when I took this. Auckland’s harbour was this beautiful almost every day.

I used to take my lunch break, grab an ice cream cone and walk along the waterfront for an hour. Who needs a healthy lunch anyway?

The waterfront was where I felt most at home in Auckland. I spent hours walking from Hernes Bay to Mission Bay, Skyping family from Silo Park, or jogging beneath the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

When it turned out that the treadmills at my university gym in Oxford played a reel of the Auckland waterfront, I nearly cried.


6. Smiles at Siloso

top 19 photos of 2019

I love this shot that my mom took of me in Siloso Park, Singapore. The bright colours, the warmth of the sun, and the memory that I demanded three more “posed” shots after this come to mind every time I look at it.

This shot, with my overeager smile, shows the real me: wild hair, no poise, and so happy to have a day with my mom.


7. Singapore Through My Lens

top 19 photos of 2019

Singapore is known for so many Instagrammable shots. Yet, this one remains my favourite.

I took it my first day, when I was so tired I kept nodding off while walking. I glimpsed the famous wheel on our stroll to the Gardens by the Bay and had to take a photo.

It really shows the two sides of Singapore: a wild jungle and an industrial city.


8. The Best Part of New Zealand

top 19 photos of 2019

This photo definitely isn’t a masterpiece of photography, but it makes me grin so hard my cheeks hurt.

It was my leaving-do from my job in New Zealand. What started as a temp job to get by led to an amazing Kiwi family. I made amazing new best friends who went above and beyond to throw me an amazing last night with them – featuring my favourite dog hats.

Although not everyone that impacted me during my time in New Zealand could fit in this shot, I think of all of them when I look at it.


9. Mangawhai Views

top 19 photos of 2019

…another shot from Mangawhai. I’m telling you, that beach is incredible!

This shot looks out onto Great Barrier Island off the coast of New Zealand’s North Island.


10. 90th Birthday Celebration

In 2019, my Baba turned 90!

Luckily, my plans to move to the UK meant I was able to be in the country and not miss the milestone moment with my grandma.


11. Favourite Photo of Me

top 19 photos of 2019

Including this photo mostly because I love the way I look in it.

Although we had a professional photographer, my favourite shot from the evening was this one that my sister took on my phone.

Also, my dog looks very cute!


12. The Best Boy

top 19 photos of 2019

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my dogs are my life. Whenever I’m in Canada, my Insta stories fill up with photos of them.

Unfortunately, in 2019 we lost my family dog Hudson.

He was the sweetest angel I had ever met and it absolutely broke my heart. I struggled with grief in a way that I never had before.

It’s taken months, but I can finally look at his smiling face the night of my Baba’s party without sobbing.


13. Sunrise Dates

top 19 photos of 2019

Somehow, Maya can be both the oddest dog and the most photogenic.

While my sister slept and my dad did work, Maya and I got to enjoy the stillness (and cuddle for warmth) before the cottage days began.


14. Dockside Photoshoot (1)

top 19 photos of 2019

Hours later, Bacardi would punctuate each word of my book with a bark at the neighbour’s dogs or passing boats.

As annoying as it was, it let me get this model shot of her.


15. Dockside Photoshoot (2)

top 19 photos of 2019

We can’t forget Bala.

Not one for photos, she occasionally lets me get a decent shot of her.


16. Brooklyn Bridge

top 19 photos of 2019

I love this shot that I took on the Brooklyn Bridge. I’d never been before 2019, so I took the opportunity of my mom’s work trip to visit the landmark.

Photos on the bridge aren’t easy with the constant foot traffic. But something about the design of the bridge and the tourists wandering through makes me love this shot.


17. Rainy Day Pinks (…like blues, get it?)

top 19 photos of 2019

I could have used a lot of other pictures to bring us to 2019 in this story. I have some lovely ones of the Bodelein Library in Oxford, or of scones on floral plates from Covent Garden, but I chose these umbrellas.

They are an art installation at Camden Market in London, from the day I visited the Vagina Museum with some friends. (They narrowly beat out the giant glittery tampon for this spot.)

The colours are so cheery and – since it’s dark and rainy while I write this – they are exactly what I need right now.


18. My Favorite Murder

top 19 photos of 2019

This may have been the best moment of 2019 for me. Getting a job in New Zealand, getting accepted to my Masters, moving to the UK, eating at a Michelin star restaurant – they all pale in comparison to seeing my favourite podcast live.

After missing the Toronto show in 2018 when I moved to New Zealand, it felt like kismet that they would be in the UK at the same time I was.

I literally had tears running down my face as they came on stage.


19. Christmas Feels

top 19 photos of 2019

Artistically, this is my favourite picture of 2019. I know it’s posed and touristy, and everyone has this photo on their Instagram in the UK.

But everyone has it for a reason!

It’s cute and entirely embodies the spirit of Christmas to me. I don’t even like Christmas, but the glow of the lights in the background, the aged wood of the pot, and the classic image of the Christmas tag just get me. It actually made me feel like I could get on board with the whole “Christmas spirit” thing.




Thank you for joining me on this journey through 2019 in photos.

Looking through them reminded me of what I can’t wait to get back to, but also why it’s so important that we follow the rules right now. The more we adhere to the rules, the sooner we’ll be able to go hiking or backpacking again.

Please stay home and stay safe!


Do you have a favourite photo of 2019?

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