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Check out Tripping Up, a new comedy travel podcast.

I’m blending my love of travel with my addiction to comedy podcasts to bring you the first comedy travel podcast.

Every other Thursday, I chat with a travel expert about their funny travel stories. Travel isn’t always Instagram worthy or perfectly crafted. Sometimes travellers trip up.

Maybe they got lost on their first solo trip. Maybe their skydive ended up with them yelling for the next two weeks when their ears wouldn’t pop. Maybe they nearly fell off mountain in Rio.

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Some of my recent guests have included:

  • Waseem Mahmoud, author of “Good Morning Afghanistan” and the founder of the country’s first un-censored radio station after the fall of the Taliban.
  • Tess Burrows, author of “Soft Courage” and political traveller who has protested for human rights around the globe.
  • Simon Casson, author of “Riding the Outlaw Trails” and owner of “Outlaw Trails” riding company.
  • RC Shaw, author of “Louisbourg or Bust”.
  • Mina Samuels, author of “Run Like a Girl 365 days” and “Run Like a Girl”.


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