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Bistro Le Coq: The Best Brunch in Halifax

Bistro Le Coq: The Best Brunch in Halifax

After eating my way around Halifax for four years, I can say for sure that Bistro Le Coq is the best brunch restaurant in the city.

Bistro Le Coq a tiny restaurant on Argyle St. that is easily missed. For a year, I walked past it without noticing it. My friends and I only went in after our desired croissant shop was closed one weekend.

The restaurant has a quaint french atmosphere. The ceilings are covered in patterned tin and rooster knick knacks cover the walls. You can smell something warm and lovely the moment you enter. It always makes my stomach growl. It usually isn’t very full.

I love food. I’ve eaten a lot of it. So I feel like a pretty good judge of what’s good. And is this place ever good!

Lobster Eggs BenedictI’ve only ever ordered one meal when I go. Honestly, I’m not sure why they sell anything else. The whole menu looks fantastic. My friends have gotten pancakes or omelettes that were delicious. But nothing compares to their lobster eggs benedict.

Seriously, you have to try their lobster eggs benedict.

Eggs benedict are traditionally made with a poached egg and peameal bacon on top of half an English muffin. The whole thing is doused in hollandaise sauce. At Bistro Le Coq, the peameal is replaced with fresh Atlantic lobster. Their hollandaise is light and creamy. The eggs are soft poached and runny. Even the English muffin seemed unusually good.

It comes with a side of bacon, duck-fat rosti (a fancy hashbrown) or salad. When those are the choices, who would ever get salad?

I’m a bacon fanatic, but I’ve never been able to choose anything but their rosti. It is very flat so the edges are perfectly crisp, while the inside is a warm, buttery dream.

If you visit Bistro Le Coq, be sure to ask for a “Phillipe.” It’s probably Brunch Cocktailthe best brunch cocktail to ever exist (sorry mimosas!). The cocktail is a combination of pear nectar, elderflower cordial, orange juice, strawberry puree and vodka. I found it daunting at first since it comes in a very tall glass. Minutes later I’d slurped down the whole thing and was ordering a second.

For three years, I took every visitor I had to Bistro Le Coq for lobster eggs benedict. I never heard a complaint. I tried the same dish at a restaurant in Toronto, but it was nowhere near as delicious as the one served at this tiny restaurant in Halifax.

If you ever find yourself in Halifax, go to Bistro Le Coq and try the lobster eggs benedict.

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