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7 Day Blog Challenge

7 Day Blog Challenge

Hey guys! You may be wondering why I’m posting on a Tuesday, right after this week’s post has gone live. It’s not an accident!

This week, I’ve signed up to participate in a 7 Day Blog Challenge with one of my favourite Facebook Groups for blogging: Travel Bloggers Club.


What is the 7 Day Blog Challenge?

The 7 Day Blog Challenge is, at its most basic, a challenge to write a post every day for 7 days. On top of that, each day there are extra optional add-ons, like this post about the challenge itself.

I decided to participate in this optional activity, because I think it’s important to let you guys in on what I’m doing and why.

The challenge is intended to exercise our writing muscles, encourage collaborations among bloggers and try to boost the traffic to our sites. Since Nina Out and About has exceeded my expectations in the blog’s short 3.5 month lifespan by reaching over 1,100 viewers (ah!), I figured I’d do what I could to raise that to 2,000 viewers.

I’m hoping that sharing this challenge with you will force me to stick to it, since I am participating while working full time at a semi-new job. We only got a week’s notice about the challenge, so I couldn’t start hoarding content well ahead of time. As I’m writing this, I’ve only got two more posts properly planned out!

Luckily, I love writing this blog and have a massive list of half-baked posts to work with.


Who Else is Participating?

The 7 Day Blog Challenge participants are all members of the Travel Bloggers Club Facebook group. Nina Out and About is 1 of 20 participating blogs

We signed up for this adventure a week ago (some, like me, without really knowing what they were getting into!).

Check out their blogs to see what they’re getting up to for the 7 Day Blog Challenge. Or check out my social media, where I’ll be sharing their new posts daily.

1. A Stroll Around the World

A Stroll Around the World is all about taking your time while travelling. Frederica’s slow travel style has taken her from Asia to America. Her blog is full of travel guides that will help any traveller get around.

2. A World in Reach

A World in Reach follows another young female traveller: Sydney, a 22-year-old graduate student. She believes that travelling the world is possible for everyone and proves it with numerous budget travel articles.

3. Career Gappers

Alex and Lisa took a career gap from their busy London jobs to travel. Now they’re inspiring others to do the same! I love the message of their blog, since I’m now on my second year of a career gap (well, a gap. I guess you have to have a job before it can really be called a “career” gap.) Check out their blog for amazing travel guides and inspiration if you’re looking for a reprieve from your busy work life.

4. Diana’s Healthy Living

Diana started her blogging journey as a health blogger. As she’s been checking places off her bucket list, her blog has shifted to focus on her travels. From essentials lists to hot spots for food, Diana covers it all!

5. Digital Travel Guru

Digital Travel Guru has been travelling for 28 years and has reached 43 countries! Her blog is filled with knowledge on seemingly every kind of travel. Budget travel? Luxury travel? Solo travel? She’s covers them all. And she does it so eloquently that it’s no wonder Digital Travel Guru is so popular.

6. DoiBedouin

Jayashree loves to tick places off her map – be they short or long trips. Working as a civil engineer, she uses slow travel as a break from research. Her blog is full of interesting posts about travel in India.


7. Five Family Adventurers

This family of five has been travelling since their children were babies. They believe that “travel is a gift you can give to your children at any age.” Since I started travelling when I was a toddler, their message totally resonates with me. Even if you aren’t a travelling family, you can find lots of helpful information in their travel guides.

8. Flyaway Goddess

Flyaway Goddess is a mother, bartender and roller skate enthusiast who is trying to skate her way around the globe! So far, she’s been to the US, Italy and France.


9. Hello Yeshi

Hello Yeshi follows Yeshi in her desire to devour all the food and culture she can get her hands on! The blog has some great tips for travellers and an amazing collection of cultural information.

10. La Vida is Belle

Barbara and Edgard use weekends to tour their home city of San Diego, while saving up vacation time to jet off on longer trips. Their blog features travel inspiration and some great photos of their adventures.


11. Musings & Adventures

Musings & Adventures heavily features travel in NYC. Deeper in the blog you’ll find weekend getaways and holiday tips. Every post on Musings & Adventures is so readable you’ll find yourself forgetting the length of the articles – or wish they were longer!

12. Namaste Solo Travel

Arunima writes from the unique perspective of a solo female Indian traveller. Her wanderlust has taken her around the world. She shares helpful tips for solo and Indian travellers. Even though her blog has a unique niche, most posts can apply to anyone.

13. Roots, Wings and Travel Things

Roots, Wings and Travel Things is a blog about travelling with children. Lissa’s have taken on most of the US as they balance a single income and home schooling their children. On top of that, they live a gluten-free lifestyle that makes travel especially interesting. I love Lissa’s writing style and always find something to inspire me in her posts.

14. She Roams About

She Roams About is written by Melissa, who travels with her husband and her son. She covers helpful travel products, global travel tips and family travel advice. I was surprised to even find a solo travel article amongst her family posts!


15. Sipping Gypsy

Sipping Gypsy is unique in that it has multiple writers. The blog is written by a collection of travel-loving “gypsies.” The blog goes in depth on basically every major US city you can think of. The site is full of guest posts, which offers a great diversity in style and topics. You really can find anything on this blog!

16. The Travel Bunny

Mirella hops her way around Europe as The Travel Bunny. She shares unique tips, travel guides and personal stories. Her affordable travel posts are definitely worth a read if you are struggling with your budget.

17. Travel Fun Fam

Travel Fun Fam features the travels of a family of three through the Americas. Charly, Michelle and Vi hope to inspire others to travel with their toddlers through their own adventures.

18. Why Not Ju

Julie is a 25-year-old, Norwegian girl exploring the world to pursue her best life. She specializes in low budget, backpacking travel throughout the Americas and Europe. Why Not Ju shares itineraries and travel knowledge for many spots on Latin America.

19. With Caitlyn

Caitlyn is equal parts foodie and travel-lover. Her blog covers a number of locations, with highlights on their food scene. With Caitlyn also features book/movie reviews that she mixes in with her travel content.


I’m so excited to be working with a dedicated group of bloggers to get out of our comfort zones and share some great content!


What Does This Mean For You?

This means that you are going to be getting a whole lot of content in a short time (yay!). Instead of one post on Monday, you will be getting a post every single day this week! (Why have I done this to myself?!)

Subscribe to Nina Out and About to get updates when new posts go live!

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the onslaught of posts this week. I’ll be using this time to share some shorter posts and some photos that haven’t felt big enough for a once-a-week blog post.

Or maybe I’ll give up on that idea and just stick with my usual style. Who knows?! That’s part of the fun of this week!

The challenge also means that I will be more active than usual on social media. Follow my Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook pages to stay up to date on all of my new content!


What Am I Hoping to Get Out of the 7 Day Blog Challenge?

I have a lot that I want to get out of the challenge, but I don’t want to go on forever. Instead, I’ll share my top 3 goals:

  1. Create excellent content for 7 straight days
  2. Reach 100+ viewers every day
  3. Increase my monthly viewers to 1,200+

These may not all happen, which makes it scary to post them as my goals. I’m tempted to say that all I want is to “have fun” or “enjoy myself,” but I’m too competitive for that (even if it’s only against myself).

With that in mind, please help me reach my goals by reading, subscribing, sharing and commenting on each post!



Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

2 posts down. 5 more to go!

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