10 Photos to Inspire Your New Zealand Wanderlust

10 Photos to Inspire Your New Zealand Wanderlust

It’s been a month since I talked about New Zealand, which is far too long, right? Well, at least this time it’s all visual.

That’s right, I’m doing my first image-focused post! And what better place to begin that with some of my favourite never-before-seen photos of New Zealand?


Cathedral Cove’s Stunning View

A unique rock formation on the first Kiwi beach I ever saw.


A Smoking Geyser in Rotorua

Adding to the cloudiness of the “land of the long white cloud.”


Sun Rising Over the Tongariro Crossing

New Zealand photos wanderlust
A view more brilliant than most along the nearly 20km hike.

A View Across Cape Foulwind

New Zealand photos wanderlust
A view much prettier than the name suggests.


Sunset Over the Tasman Sea

An accidental discovery after pink-hued pictures on Lake Mahinapua.

A Perfect Reflection at Lake Matheson

The lake known for its perfect reflections didn’t disapoint.

A Cloudy Day at the 8th Wonder of the World

New Zealand photos wanderlust
Even clouds can’t diminish the spectacle of Milford Sound.


Lupins Overlooking Lake Tekapo

New Zealand photos wanderlust
My favourite colour dotted along the bank of a beautiful (but freezing!) lake.

A Surprise Inuksuk Above Lake Tekapo

I grew up with Inuksuks – a totem of the Inuit in Canada. Now they guide hikers along their path to help you find your way. It showed me that I was on the right path, on top of a mountain in New Zealand.

Peeking Into Hobbiton

New Zealand photos wanderlust
My first glimpse of a Hobbit hole through the trees.



From over 3,000 photos that are waiting to crash my hard drive, to 10 to fuel your New Zealand wanderlust.

Literally every part of that country has an amazing beauty. It’s impossible to keep your jaw from dropping as you explore mountains, lakes, pastures, oceans and beaches across the tiny nation.

You’ll never want to leave. I certainly didn’t.

Use these photos to inspire you to explore one of the greatest countries on earth.



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